We provide architectural solutions in Hungary, Turkey, Middle East and Mongolia more then three decades. Mainly, We are focusing in residental, commercial buildings and also make industrial buildings.

  • architectural design
  • HVAC design
  • building structure design
  • landscape and urban design
  • drafts, application design documentation
Construction organization


we provide complete services to our clients. Our company can help everything like select appropriate building plot, consulting with local government, design, cost and cash-flow design, construction and facility management.

  • select appropriate building plot
  • consulting with local government
  • complete and necessary design documentations
  • follow the construction and investment
  • construction leadership
  • cost and clash-flow design
Investment advising

Investment advising

With decades of experience in design and construction, We can help you in special building structures and construction systems.

  • lightweight concrete structures
  • multi-wall, natural air-conditioned wall stuctures
  • lightweight, cost efficiency dome structures
  • energy-efficient houses
  • knowledge of local building structures in EU, Middle East
  • thatch structures